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Make Your Old Home New Again With New Flooring

Older homes are much more than just relics. Depending on the home, your older piece of property may have a sense of charm or a character that makes you fall in love every time you walk through the door. But along with the elegance and rich history that older homes have comes a dated design.

Whether your older home is more shabby than shabby chic, or it's just stuck in the wrong decade, you can update the décor without completely eliminating the original charm. Before you start tearing down the entire interior, take a look at how you can make an old house look new by changing and maintaining the flooring.

Eclectic Interior

How can you modernize the look of your home without completing removing its old world charm? Creating an eclectic look is an easy way to redecorate without losing the original style completely.

Eclectic décor allows you to mix and match accents and different components of the room. This may mean that you add a modern ceramic tile floor to your traditional kitchen or that you cover a worn wood floor with a contemporary carpet that mixes with a timelessly charming living room.

Restoration Replacement

Hardwood floors provide your home with a solid foundation to walk on. They're durable, long-lasting, and have a classic look that creates a traditional aesthetic with a historic charm. But when hardwoods wear, they lose their luster and start looking sloppy. If your hardwood floors have seen better days (or better decades), refinishing them may not be an option.

Instead of trying to sand down old floors, you should consider replacement to give you years' worth of use. Not only can replacing your existing flooring with hardwoods restore a traditional look, but it can also help you to create a whole new style. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you can add to any interior style — creating anything from a contemporary chic design to a sophisticated and historic-looking type of décor.

Uncover the Old

Some older homes have buried treasures under their carpeting, wallpaper, or built-ins. While not every house has something to uncover, with some careful digging you can figure out if your worn-looking interior is actually covering up a gem.

Before tearing out the carpets or peeling pack an entire roomful of glued-on flooring tiles, check a small (and inconspicuous) area first. If you are completely sure that the current flooring is something that has to go, remove the existing material and take a look at what's underneath. In some homes, the floor that's under carpet or tiles is a sturdy hardwood that needs a refinish. In other homes, it's a mess.

If you have a subfloor that's easy to refinish or refurbish, you're in luck. If not, you can always add a new hardwood, tile, or carpet to match the rest of the room. When it comes to the rest of the room, removing wallpaper may reveal wall detail with an antique or classic feel. But that's not all. Consider restoring built-ins with charm or other accents (such as original doorknobs or molding).

Redecorating Process

Once you have a style in mind and have done the dirty work,uncovering older classic features, now what? The next step is to start the renovation or design process. This doesn't have to be a one-time and you're done project. Look at making an old home new again as a process or a road that may take weeks or months to travel.

Figure out a reasonable order of events that's organized based on the impact that one project has on another. For example, you may want to hold off on a flooring replacement. If you're replacing the entire floor material, you want to paint the walls before removing whatever is covering the ground. This helps you to avoid making a mess or staining brand new hardwoods or ruining your carpet.

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